If you want to spread the word, host a fundraiser (karaoke, anyone), or otherwise help make ALS suck less, we are putting together some resources for you, and we’re happy to customize or add to this list as needed.

Business Cards

We’ve made up some business cards that you can pass out at events, at work, at reunions (Stillwater High School Class of 1989, we’re looking at you), or anywhere else that ALS suckage makes it into your conversations.  (There is a surcharge for them that they wouldn’t let us avoid, but we’re donating it back to the fund).


We’ve created a couple of posters you can put up at the work coffee machine, post at church, or whatever you can think of.  They’re letter-sized, full-color PDFs.  Poster  or TearOff Poster

How Not To Say The Wrong Thing

No one knows the right thing to say all the time. (Eric and Lisa, actually, come pretty close in our experience.  But they’re trained professionals).  The rest of us could use a little guidance.  This article is a fantastic guide to saying things in sucky situations.  

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